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Moving to South Dakota: Residency

Moving to South Dakota? If you are, you'll be interested to know about "residency." Residency is the legal term for what most people call "home." Legally, its generally a two-part test: 1) the place where you've established a home, and 2) the place where you intend to return or remain. If you take a long vacation, don't worry, so long as you intend to return home you have not changed your residence.

Establishing residency allows you to apply for a drivers license, register to vote, and get on the list for jury duty (it's important!). In South Dakota, you get your driver's license from the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Depending on where you settle down, DPS may have an office in the local courthouse, or a separate office. Link: register your car and get new plates, head to your local courthouse and find the County Treasurer's office.

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